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Insurance Policy

Insurance coverage included in the rental

When renting a car from RIDRIVE, the rental amount includes insurance that covers damages if the accident is the fault of another driver (not the renter). The insurance is valid on condition that the accident is registered by the UAE police. Never leave the place of the accident and do not give money to third parties. If you do not know what to do, call or write to our managers.

If you caused the accident

If the accident happened because of your fault, you will have to pay the deductible from the insurance company. The calculation is done on an individual basis:

TypeValue (AED)Excess (AED)
Saloon / 4×40 to 50,000350
Saloon / 4×450,000 to 100,000700
Saloon / 4×4100,001 to 250,0001000

In addition to the deductible amounts set in Schedule above, the Insured who caused an accident will be charged an additional deductible, where the highest percentage of the following will be applied in the case of several deductibles for one accident:

a. 10% of the amount of compensation if the Motor Vehicle Driver is below the age of 25 years.
b. 10% of the amount of compensation in case of taxi and public transport vehicles.
C. 15% of the amount of compensation of sports cars and modified vehicles.
d. 20% of the amount of compensation of vehicles modified outside the factory.
e. 20% of the amount of compensation of rental vehicles.

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